City Refrigeration Holdings Selects Jacksonville

Posted by admin / 16.04.2016 / Latest News

Facilities Management Leader to Start US Operations, Creating Over 360 Jobs

City has launched its North American operations and has selected Jacksonville as its U.S.-based headquarters.

“We want to launch our operations in the U.S. utilising the knowledge and skills of existing employees and local talent,” says Gerry Phimister, Chief Executive Officer for City US. “In keeping with our company ethos, we will provide training and new opportunities to help develop our associates with greater skills for their personal development.”

One of City’s unique value propositions is its proprietary “multi-skilling” programs that include cross-training engineers and technicians in multiple disciplines, while exercising tight controls over quality, to ensure a “best in class,” economic service delivery. Phimister added that City also plans to build strong relationships with local vendors.

City has been in discussions with local officials and members of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce since mid-2015. “We are excited to be here in Jacksonville. The city worked hard, and was truly genuine in their desire to have us here. This is the right place for us to be, and people should be proud of their city leadership,” says Phimister, who credits City’s family-focused approach stressing an entrepreneurial outlook and a “can do” attitude as one of the keys to its success for more than 25 years.

In December 2015, City was awarded a five-year contract with an additional five-year option for the provision of full facilities management services to Southeastern Grocers. The move will employ more than 365 U.S. technical and administrative personnel.

“Southeastern Grocers is continually looking for ways to make our business more efficient, so that we can further invest into lower prices for our customers,” said Holly Angell, Senior Vice President of Store Development for Southeastern Grocers. “Our store maintenance team’s partnership with a global specialist, City Refrigeration, will provide us with the opportunity to develop our talent, increase our technical skills, provide 24-hour support and help us serve our customers better across all of our stores, including BI-LO, Harveys and Winn-Dixie.”

City now plans on further U.S. expansion, as previous dialogue with other American retailers has confirmed that there is real interest in City’s unique approach highlighted by self-developed, world-leading management information systems; multi-skilled training programs; commitments to efficiency and sustainability; and a proven track record of delivering improved levels of service at reduced cost.