City gets behind Road Safety Week

Posted by admin / 22.11.2017 / Latest News

As part of City’s ongoing commitment to ensuring our colleagues are safe whilst driving, City is proud to support the UK’s biggest road safety event, Road Safety Week (20-26 November), coordinated by Brake the road safety charity. This year, City will be joining thousands of organisations, schools and community groups to get behind the ‘Speed Down Save Lives’ campaign helping to spread awareness about the dangers of driving too fast.

The UK Road Safety Week 2017 theme, Speed Down Save Lives, is about people all over the country raising awareness about the importance of drivers keeping their speed down to protect all road users. Driving is unpredictable and if something unexpected happens on the road ahead – such as a child stepping out from between parked cars – it is a driver’s speed that will determine whether they can stop in time and, if they can’t stop, how hard they will hit.

The value of Speed Down Save Lives is at the forefront of City’s Fleet Safety Programme where we aim to improve our colleagues’ driving behaviour through training, support and information and reduce the likelihood of a colleague, another road user or member of the public being injured by speeding.

Liam Gallagher, Group Fleet Safety Co-ordinator said:
“This campaign is a vital reminder to us all that speeding is a needless and selfish act that claims the lives of more than five people every day, across the UK.

“City recognises the importance of safe driving across our businesses and have demonstrated our commitment through our national Fleet Safety Programme which has seen the introduction of driver behaviour monitoring and analysis and the offering of training and guidance to our colleagues.”