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Meet Rani, as we talk about career change and what pushes her to succeed

March 2022

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Tell us about your role

My role is SharePoint Analyst, which is a new role in City. My core responsibility to begin with has been to create the new City intranet, which is an ongoing project. In recent months I've joined the Exploration Team where I support the continuous build of and Exploration Team projects.


What do you enjoy most about working at City?

I most enjoy working as part of the team. Life at City can be fast paced and the support from my team and colleagues is fantastic and means a lot. Also, in my role I have the opportunity to work with each business and colleagues from different teams, as well as being involved in different projects. As City is an FM business, we have colleagues from a mix of working background (engineers, trade, business administrators, etc) and coming together to deliver our clients' needs is a great accomplishment.


The Pathways course is an amazing channel to meet colleagues who you wouldn’t usually directly work with, and listening to their own unique challenges and accomplishments was a real eye opener.


What’s been your journey at City?

My first role at City was Compensation and Benefit Analyst within the People team. This involved all areas relating to salary and employee benefits, such as market research on specific role/sector salaries and benefits trends, annual pay award and gender pay reporting, to name a few.

My career started in IT but I was eventually introduced to the Reward sector. I ended up taking a break from IT and worked in Reward for six years. In March 2020, I completed City’s ‘Managing Others' Pathways Leadership Programme, which is an amazing channel to meet colleagues who you wouldn’t normally work with. Listening to their own unique challenges and accomplishments was a real eye opener. My biggest takeaway from the course was ‘reflection’. 


How would you describe City's culture?

In my personal experience, the culture is a balance between professional and more of a family feel, and the feeling depends on the specific day and work priorities. This can also apply to how I operate at work - I can be chatty (non-stop, sometimes!) but when I am quiet, that’s when you know I am in work mode.


What have been the key ingredients to your success?

Colleague support and motivation: being surrounded by positive and motivated colleagues helps me thrive and pushes me to perform at my best. Like many others, during lockdown I reflected on my current situation and decided it was time to move back to technology. With the support of my colleagues, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to make the move and to continue my City journey as part of the IT team.


What's a fun fact about you that many people may not know?

I love seeing people’s reaction when I mention I got married twice to the same person! I had my Indian wedding at the Sikh temple in Glasgow, followed by a Scottish wedding three months later. We have two wedding anniversaries, and yet we still forget both dates.