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Meet Craig, as we talk work-life balance, safety culture, and values

January 2022

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Tell us about your role

As Fabric Operations Manager, I'm responsible for a team of 22 technicians and one supervisor. I oversee daily management of the team which provides a reactive and planned maintenance service to over 300 BP petrol stations throughout the UK. My responsibilities include meeting and maintaining internal and external KPIs, and identifying new ways to provide our partner with the most efficient, cost-effective service we can. On top of this, I provide support and coaching to the team members, while identifying and implementing progression routes for technicians and supervisors.


What do you enjoy most about working at City?

I enjoy the flexibility and understanding that City as an employer has always shown. I think it's important to find a balance between your working life and your family life. The City business understands the importance of this and it’s a culture that really suits myself and my team mates.


What’s been your journey at City?

I started with City in 2011 as an electrician working on the BP account in the east of Scotland, when the contract had just gone live. Having previously been employed in a small family run business in Dundee, I was restricted in what I could achieve and how I could progress. I believed that joining City would give me the platform and opportunity to develop. I was promoted to Electrical Charge Hand in 2012, then to Electrical and Fabric Supervisor in 2013. In 2018 I become the Fabric Operations Manager.

I think the trust City has shown in me at each stage of my career has been extremely important. The trust and the support give you the confidence to push on, and the belief that you can work and achieve at a higher level. It’s been a fantastic journey for me personally and one I will always be grateful to City for.


How would you describe City's culture?

City has always been for me a happy place to work. It’s been said before, but City really does have a family feel to it which is fantastic given the scale of the business. The safety culture within the business is first class. Often myself and my teammates discuss safety culture in previous jobs and we all agree City is a fantastic example of how it should be done.


What have been the key ingredients to your success?

It’s a bit of a cliché but I think you get what you give at City. My key ingredients would be being flexible, helping colleagues out, working outside your comfort zone, and going the extra mile. These all really help to 'show you care' which is probably my favourite City value. The company values are really important to me and I try to implement them into my ways of working as often as possible.


What's a fun fact about you that many people may not know?

I’m really boring to be honest! I love my family to bits and love spending time with them. Other than that, a little bit of nice whisky here and there and a bit of football, rugby or a film and I’m happy.