Statement Against Slavery and Human Trafficking | 2018 Annual Statement

Posted by admin / 28.12.2018 / Latest News

City is one of the largest privately owned service management companies in Europe, America, Malaysia and Australia.

In the UK, City provides world-leading maintenance and engineering, technical procurement and support, and cleaning and ancillary services.

We believe that the name “City” is synonymous with professionalism, quality, customer service and value. A key part of forging this reputation has been the importance we place on relationships with colleagues and third party stakeholders to ensure that they demonstrate these same values.

Some of the most important third party stakeholders in this regard are our suppliers and as a company, we predominantly use UK based suppliers and endeavour to develop close ties with them in order to keep our supply chain relatively short.

Our commitment

We are committed to identifying, preventing and monitoring risks of slavery, human trafficking and forced labour in our supply chain and operation. We have a zero tolerance approach to such practices.

However, we realise that words are not enough given the importance of the issue, and that is why we have put in place a number of significant actions to ensure that we are able to meet and surpass this commitment. These are:

  • Slavery and human trafficking risk mapping
    • We use the expertise of key stakeholders (both inside and outside City) to help us to identify areas for action, including reviewing the risks of slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains but also, closer to home, in our recruitment process
    • This risk mapping has led us to conclude that our recruitment process is where the highest level of potential exposure exists, hence the focus of our Training as set out below
  • Slavery and human trafficking policy
    • Our policy falls under the responsibility of City’s board, a sign of how seriously we take our commitments
    • The policy is the main document by which we communicate our commitment to our colleagues and so we have ensured that it is clear and accessible to everyone
  • Supplier standards
    • We have worked to put in place with all of our suppliers (including those involved in recruitment) documentation which places a legal obligation on them to ensure that they are aware of their obligations and ensure that they comply with them
    • However we are also fully aware that not every company has slavery and human trafficking as such a high priority as we do. We therefore offer our suppliers the opportunity to discuss the requirements placed on them with us so that they are fully aware of what is expected of them
  • Training
    • All of our colleagues who either have a responsibility for recruitment and/or identifying/negotiating with suppliers have received training.
    • This training particularly focuses on how colleagues can spot potential issues “on the ground” and how and when they should escalate the issue. Our colleagues are a key part of our strategy and the training gives them the tools to carry out this role.

In addition to the above and as committed to in our 2017 statement, we continue to review how we can improve our strategy and approach to addressing risks of modern slavery in both City and our supply chain. To this end we continue to work in partnership with our major suppliers in order to collate information, share best practice and consider the benefits a collaborative approach can bring.

As we made clear in our 2017 statement, we will continue to not only ensure that the work done to date is reinforced, but also to consider how this can be improved on going forward.

Colin Seggie
Group Chief Executive Officer (UK and Europe)
City Facilities Management Holdings UK Ltd