The Ennoblement of Lord Haughey

Posted by admin / 11.06.2014 / Latest News

Sir William Haughey officially became Baron Haughey of Hutchesontown when he was introduced as a life peer to the House of Lords on Tuesday, October 29.

The ceremony in the House of Lords was one of the most memorable days of Lord Haughey’s life.

This is how the man born William Haughey described the grand occasion…

“The whole family converged on London by train, boat and plane. There were 25 of us in total and we enjoyed a wonderful family dinner the night before the ceremony chatting excitedly about what lay in store.

“The next morning we were up bright and early to make sure we all got to Parliament in time for a very special lunch in the peers restaurant where we were joined by Lord and Lady Levy, Lord Martin and Lord McAvoy.

“Lord Martin and Lord McAvoy were my sponsors and at 1.30pm I was taken by them to the robing room for a full dress rehearsal.

“An hour later as the house sat, my investiture took place with my wife Susan, son Kenny and the entire family sitting together in the gallery.

“We proceeded into the chamber with Black Rod leading the procession, followed by the Garter King of Arms, Lord McAvoy, myself and Lord Martin at the rear.

“We walked to the bar and bowed before I handed my Parchment to the Clerk of the House of Lords who read aloud the declaration from Her Majesty.

“I then took the oath of allegiance and signed the register before walking back to face the Speaker who shook my hand amid a chorus of cheers from the assembled peers who had watched the ceremony.

“Following an official handshake with the Leader of the House we returned to the robing room to be greeted by some of my friends including Baroness Liddell, Lord Foulkes, Lord Gordon, Lord Livingston, Lord Macfarlane and his wife, Lord McConnell, Lord Reid and MPs Nick Brown, Tom Greatiex and Anas Sarwar.

“By 9pm we were back in Glasgow and the whirlwind day was over. It went by in a flash but it will live in my memory for ever.”