CBES Asda Supplier Award

Posted by admin / 11.04.2016 / Latest News

CBES wins Asda Supplier Initiative of the Year Award

The innovative CBES Mistral Air Refrigeration System has been recognised by Asda at the retailer’s GNFR conference. In recognition of the outstanding energy and cost savings which the system provides CBES were presented with an Award of Excellence for Supplier Initiative of the Year.

Mistral Air system is a completely new development in the area of refrigeration. The ducted air system does not require drainage on the sales floor and is more efficient than standard technology. In addition, the number of working parts has been reduced, and all engineering parts have been removed from the shop floor refrigeration cases and relocated to the roof. Basically a cold shelf, it reduces running and maintenance costs, is more sustainable and removes the requirement for engineering works to be carried out in stores.

Asda commented: “CBES have demonstrated their ability to innovate in the refrigeration industry turning historical thinking on its head by developing the Mistral refrigeration system. CBES have done a great job so far pushing our manufacturers down this route and have shown how they are committed to doing what is best for Asda and not the manufacturer. This initiative has also demonstrated great global potential and is currently being discussed for worldwide implementation. CBES have not only demonstrated cost savings but they have also been able to support sustainability. Well done!”

David Still, Managing Director commented: “This is an excellent demonstration of CBES approach to innovation, as it puts us at the forefront of new refrigeration technology. The CBES ethos is based upon providing Constructive Solutions to our clients and the environment, which the Mistral system really embodies for us”.