The City Partnership Model

City Facilities Management embraces a distinctively different approach to facilities management, one founded on the values of collaboration and transparency.

Relationships are at the heart of the Group, which are based on the principle of partnership, as opposed to a relationship between a client and its contractor.

This format allows the partners to work together and ensure that the service is both affordable and comprehensive. At the start of each project an affordable budget will be agreed for the provision of comprehensive services. If services are delivered under budget, the underspent amount is always returned to our partner.

Every aspect of a facility’s management is tracked and measured by City’s experts, allowing them to identify and implement further opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings. Our teams are committed to ensuring the process is always efficient and the partner is getting the best return.

City’s solutions are implemented through a self-delivery model. Each team member is carefully selected for their role and then diligently trained so they will be the very best.